Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Creatives are cunts?

Aren't you?

All of you.

You're lazy, rude, sexist, surly, dismissive of those who don't come up to your own questionable standards, hypocritical thieves.

Go on. Admit it. If you weren't you you'd think you were a cunt.

Stealing other people's ideas, pretending you're more of an artist than a corporate whore just because you wear baggy, overpriced jeans and get your hair cut for £65. You are nothing but a puppet for a bunch of braying pricksleeves at the top of the chain who laugh their overpaid arses off at the fact that you'll stay late doing an ad just because it's got half a sniff of a Creative Circle Bronze.

And how you cling to those shiny baubles like they're a true validation of your existence on planet earth, when, ironically, they're the exact opposite. 'They spinnin'! Lookit, they spinnin!'

You are a sad bastard wage slave willing to work evening and weekends to make a fat fucker in charge of a holding company a little bit richer

And going to little art shows in Shoreditch doesn't make you better than an account bloke.

It makes you worse.

At least they know they're cunts.


Anonymous said...

I agree that there are a high proportion of cunts in Shoreditch who are creatives. But don't tar us all with the same brush. Some of us are fairly normal people who recognise advertising for the bullshit that it is - and awards for that matter (though it's nice to have a free evening on the piss every now and then). You do sound very bitter - what do you do, just out of interest?

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing a certain amount of self-hatred going on there.

Anonymous said...

I think that needed saying.

James said...

I think he's a twat himself.

Simply for feeling the need to write something, and wasting 45 seconds of my life.

This blog is crap at the best of times. But this takes the brown biscuit.

Anonymous said...

Not crap. Just taking a while to get airborne.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I just wrote it to stir the shit (although a good chunk of it is true). But it's provoked that excellent rejoinder above.

And these pathetic response comments just tell me how uncomfortable you really are being cunts.

Live with it. Cunts cuntshhiuwehdqigepqgfcunttstcunrttsretducunrttsrt.

Anonymous said...

baggy jeans, pricksleeves, shoreditch, charlie brooker lite.

Anonymous said...

If you want Charlie Brooker non-lite, don't read this blog, buy the Guardian. He gets paid for being better than this.

Anonymous said...

obviously a struggling graphic designer, and because of this he/she feels the need to rant how capitalism fucked up our society. Well fuck off don't try sell me a screen print of you as a kid with some try to be poignant message layed over the top and im sure capitalism was pretty swell when you bought Mac computer.Personally i rather have a sore dick from all the fucking then by at home crying over a layout project. love you x

Anonymous said...

Southern Creatives maybe. The Geordies in London are all tremendous people, i assure you.

Anonymous said...

"Simply for feeling the need to write something, and wasting 45 seconds of my life."
Yet, you came here and read it. People wasting their time and then going to the trouble of telling about it, and then wasting more time...well, nothing more needs to be said about that.
I liked this article, advertisers are precocious cunts, and also most artists are precocious cunts. People who spend more time worrying about how they look, how their makeup looks, and how their hair looks, than on the important things they are creating, as if the getting there is more important than the thing you make.
Why I'm ranting about that I don't know.

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