Thursday, October 1, 2009

The first post on Britain's last advertising blog

Over the past three years advertising has become self-conscious. And, like a lonely child, it's started talking to itself. These conversations have been deeply enlightening.

If there's one thing that advertising blogging in the UK has revealed, it's that the industry is seething with self-doubt and resentment.

It hates itself.

It's cleaned up its act. It's given up the booze, the drugs but the truth has become impossible to ignore.

It's the advertising.

The advertising is the problem. It's wretched. So much of it is poorly thought out, stolen, scammed, half-arsed, irrelevant, stupid or badly made, is it any wonder that the people responsible for its conception and execution are, by-and-large, miserable and angry?

But just as it comes to this realisation, blogging has become more difficult. Honesty is sometimes ugly, and agencies have realised that ugliness scares the clients. So blogging, the single forum for advertising's self-examination and recovery is becoming a risky business. If you want your career to progress, then you're better off not blogging.

Advertisers' Anonymous is a safe place. You can be honest here, and you can be creative here without fear of reprisal.

Please join us.

It's going to be fun.

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