Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's wrong with your face?

This has to be the most idiotic advertising strategy in history.

Yeah, get plastic surgery. Why not? 32% of you are already considering it.

Well I've considered breaking into your house in the night with a pair of pliers and roll of cellophane, but that doesn't make it a great idea.

But yeah, why not?

Well, for one, you might end up looking like the male lead from a mid-budget Europorno like this fellow.

You'd also be undertaking an invasive medical procedure, all in the name of vanity.

And whatever the benefits, it's not like you could pretend that you hadn't had plastic surgery. So having plastic surgery constitutes a public announcement that you're an unhappy person whose only deep belief is in appearances. Unless you planned to dump all your friends and get new ones, to go with your new face. Maybe they'd like you for who you really are.

Could you trust a bloke who came in after Christmas with a new face? I ask you?

The Harley Medical Group can fuck off. Not just because they're plastic surgeons, but because they have a history of making insulting advertising. Remember this campaign:

Oh look, it got stickered by feminists because it was spreading hate.

This is how you advertise surgery:


Anonymous said...

Q: So what's the insight here guys?

A: Well we've established that men are sheepish. They have an irrational pack-type mentality that we're hoping our new campaign will address.

Q: Sounds great, let's see it.

Anonymous said...

Cut your own cock off.
Why not?

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