Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sexy Pizza

Found this on my doormat. One of the many, miscellaneous, take-away leaflets i receive weekly but the first to feature sexy girls. Ok, so they're not that sexy but they are eating a pizza and somebody, perhaps even a professional, took this photo. Was it shot just for this leaflet? Is it a stock image? Have you seen it elsewhere?

The girls bring to mind those late night ads for Text/Chat/Flirt with Girls Girls Girls near you. They have that look of being scouted in provincial pubs or branches of Primark.


Paul C said...

they look like they might undress after eating the pizza and then make a porno with the pizza delivery boy
a differant angle on take-away advertising. i would like to see dominos or pizza hut follow suit and air a late night pizza advert... for the slightly drunken male

Anonymous said...

Christ! Where do you live? I need to move. NOW!

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